Pioneer Nexus System

Nexus System…


PRO DJ LINK makes connecting DJ mixers, multi players and other audio devices a breeze. Combine this with rekordbox™ that allows DJs to work seamlessly on their performances, including preparing for an event at home, DJing at clubs, and applying feedback, and the resulting masterpiece is the “nexus system”. nexus allows for even easier DJing and greater DJing variations as the ultimate club and performance tool for DJs.

PRO DJ LINK – for comfortable DJ play


  • Send music files stored on smart phones, tablets*1 and computers*1, as well as various other devices*2, via Wi-Fi/LAN/USB cable connections.
  • “SYNC MASTER” function enables playback with matching master clock of DJM-2000nexus to beat of CDJ-2000nexus’s music. In addition, also features “BEAT SYNC” to match the best of the music instantly between the players.
  • “TRAFFIC LIGHT” function enables to easily check which songs are in a key that is compatible with the music begin played.
  • Shows at a glance the channel status (On-air status, channel number).
  • The Quantize function enables to apply beat effects perfectly synchronizing the music tempo.
  • DJs can play from two rekordbox™ laptops for easy changeover and back to back play.
  • Sample microphone input and master output and immediately play/scratch it back*3 on the CDJ-2000nexus/CDJ-2000/CDJ-900.
  • Monitor music files in rekordbox™ through DJ mixer cue*1.


Apogee Duet 2

The original, diminutive Apogee Duet was a revelation when it hit the market back in 2008.
The Apogee Duet 2 ($595 direct) continues in the same vein, with even better sound quality, and a marked switch from FireWire to USB support—the latter necessary given how Apple is steadily removing FireWire ports from its latest Macs. It’s not perfect, but despite its seemingly high price, it’s a solid value given how great it sounds.apogee