Dj Zeb & 1N8TIVE – Luna Nocturna  [April 7]
Dj Zeb – Acid  Initiative [April 23]
Dj Zeb & 1N8TIVE – Pandelux
Dj Zeb – Awakening
Dj Zeb – Shredder
Dj Zeb – TB Or Not TB [303]
Dj Zeb – Pulse
Dj Zeb & 1N8ATIVE – Tulum
Dj Zeb – Mutation Nation

Discography: Some of the Remixes and Productions from the 90:s

Clifford ‎– Right Here Waiting (DJ Zebs Collage Dub) 1998

Nello – C’est Ma Vie (Zebs Remix) 1998

Camilla (8) ‎– Summertime Girl (DJ Zeb & Sezam’s Extended Mix) 1998

Camilla (8) ‎– Summertime Girl (DJ Zeb & Sezam’s Radio Mix) 1998

666– I’m Your Nitemare (Time To Wake Up Dj Zeb Mix) 1999

Betty N’ Boop  Maria Magdalena (DJ Zeb’s Remix) 1999

Lee R – Tarzan Boy (Dj Zeb’s Extended Mix) 1999

Sonic DreamTaking Five (Dj Zeb Remix) 1999 –

Bobby Summer Jabba Jabba (DJ Zeb’s Hard Punch Mix)1999

La Cream Free (Hard From Behind Mix) 1999

Solid Base Once You Pop (DJ Zeb’s Remix)1999

Meja – Its all about the money (Zeb & Sezam 1999

Oktan  2000° (Hot Remix) Dj Zeb & Dean 1999

Betty N’ Boop Mr Sun (DJ Zeb’s Remix) 1999Dede Get To You (Dj Zeb & Sezam’s Hard Dub)

Dede – Gimme All U Got (Comersal Harddub Mix)

Meja All ‘Bout The Money (DJ Zeb & Sezam’s Radio Mix)

Emilia – Big Big World (Lätt & Lagom Extended)

Solid Base Sunny Holiday (DJ Zeb Dimention Dub Mix)

DedeEverybody Everybody (Dj Zeb’s Short) 

Davis No Good (DJ Zeb’s Extended Remix)

Sonic Dream Pray (DJ Zeb Remix)

La Cream You (After Our Experience) Remix Records – DJ Zeb

Markoolio Gör Det Igen (Silicone Mix) Remix – DJ Zeb

Richi M 12th Planet (Armageddon Mix) Remix – DJ Zeb

Ulrich – Never More Dj Zeb vs Dean 1999



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